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My 2 Cents: Being Tethered to Devices

Give it a little more time and I think we may find that technology has taken over as the number one addiction the world has ever seen.

I’ll admit– I am a technology addict.  Everything in my world is now attached to technology. It’s not just websites anymore or social platforms and blogs.   Looking up a telephone number no longer needs that big yellow book—all I need is a device for that.  If I feel like playing a game of backgammon, I open my device. I no longer need a large table in a room to spread out a jigsaw puzzle.  It’s on my device.  Draw? Who needs paper and pencils when I can do it all with a device. If I want to read that new best seller, it’s on my device.  I used to carry a day-planner calendar but not anymore.  My tethered device not only keeps all of my appointments but organizes them in categories between personal and work related activities and meetings and also sends me reminders before they happen so I don’t forget. I no longer own an alarm clock that sits on my nightstand because my device wakes me up every morning.  If I have a question I need answered, I often ask my device as it will most likely answer me.

If you’re not spending hours upon hours of watching what other people do in their day via social media, perhaps you’re catching the news through a device, shopping online for a bargain, watching your movies on a tablet, playing games on a phone, wearing a Fitbit or Apple watch to track your health and fitness goals, or plugging your device into your ear canals to zone-out on your favorite music.  Do you think you are not tethered?  How did you take that last photo?  I don’t even need a spare flashlight anymore because one of my tethered devices has one built in.  I couldn’t remember a recipe last week.  I brought a tablet into the kitchen and it not only told me the ingredients, but it also showed me how to cook it and I found myself preparing this meal together with one of my tethered devices.

My children no longer call their 85 year old grandparents on their house phone.  The grandparents now have an iPhone and it didn’t take long for the kids to teach them how to text and have virtual live conversations together with them via Facetime!  Now the grandparents are tethered to their iPhone everywhere they go so not to miss anything.

In less than a 20 year span, I moved from having a desktop computer with a wall telephone, a fax machine, a scanner and a printer on my desk to now having a desk that collects dust.  I’m on the move and can do anything anywhere with my laptop, iPhone and tablet— I’m clearly tethered.

Power outage?  The first thing we used to do do was run for the candles.  Now, it’s checking the battery power on our tethered devices!

It makes me wonder how we as a society still find ways to produce so much trash.  You would think that finally, we are really saving the trees!  We no longer need ‘stuff’. Think about it… do you still have books and encyclopedias taking up space in your living room? Printing on paper is almost obsolete with electronic files.  All of those games in your basement can fit on a device that fits in your pocket.  Collections of movies and music taking up shelf space in your home are available to watch or listen to at any time—with a tethered device. We don’t even need to use gasoline to drive to the bank anymore to deposit a check or pay a bill. Why isn’t the growth and addiction to tethered devices helping our environment?

In another 20 years will we find that our tethered devices are our best friends? Will human interaction slowly cease because we can interact with each other on our tethered devices?

Ask yourself, how tethered are you?

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